Furi Arrives on Xbox One, Figurine Kickstarter Announced

The Game Bakers’ Furi finally lands its way on Xbox One today having served time on both PS4 & PC since its initial release during the middle of the year this July. As noted, players on Microsoft’s console will get the chance to face additional bosses on top of the already stylish mix of antagonists featured within the main game. But on top of today’s announcement, the developer has also announced a Kickstarter campaign for a collectible figurine of the game’s protagonist Rider. Below is a 3D render of what the figurine will look like.

Furi Rider Figurine

“We received such an enthusiastic feedback from Furi players that we wanted to create an object to encapsulate the game experience…” The Game Bakers explain on their Kickstarter page. “…We see it as a celebration of those moments when you finally defeated a guardian after an exhausting fight, of the memory of your first steps after the last gate, of the music that still plays in your head long after you finished the game!”. The figurine measures at around 13cm / 6.3″ high and is expected to ship around April of next year with a target goal of just over €50,000. As well as this, the sought-after OST of the game, which was originally sold out in its initial stock, is now available once again for purchase.