Mass Effect Andromeda On Sale Already on Amazon

With the reveal of new footage for Bioware’s newest installment to the Mass Effect franchise, fans have begun their pre-orders early. Looking towards a Spring 2017 release, the game has been much anticipated since the release of Mass Effect 3 and it looks like Amazon is showing its excitement. The deluxe edition of the game, priced at $69.99 is on sale for $59.49 and if you’re a Prime member, you get it for a grand total of $55.99.

Of course, you can always get the regular edition of the game for $50.99 for regular members and $47.99 for Prime members. Regardless, pre-ordering it now will save you this price point and looking at the prices that games have been lately, now would be an excellent time to begin saving. The best part is that Amazon doesn’t charge until the items have shipped, so you have all the way until release to pay back your purchase.

Check it out with this link.