Nintendo Reveals more amiibo Functionality for Breath of the Wild

The latest set of Zelda amiibo are now available and with that Nintendo also released some news about how they’ll work in the upcoming Zelda game, Breath of the Wild.  We’ve already been shown how the Wolf Link amiibo allows players to summon the iconic Twilight Princess wolf version of Link to their side to fight along with them. The four new amiibo, 8-bit Link, Ocarina of Time Link, Wind Waker Link and Zelda will all reward Link specific items. 8-bit Link will give the players an assortment of barrels to break, which might just be hiding rupees inside. Using Ocarina of Time Link will reward the player with a random amount of meat he can cook to fill his hearts back up. Wind Waker Link will give the player a variety of fish, and Wind Waker Zelda rewards Link with a random selection of plants. All of these amiibo also have the potential of rewarding Link with a gold and silver treasure chest which could be holding a rare item for Link to use.

Aside from these newly released amiibo, fans can also look forward to the three Breath of the Wild specific amiibo whose functions still remain a complete mystery. There has also been no word yet if the Super Smash Bros. Zelda amiibo will be compatible with the game, but there is the possibility that these could overlap with the newly released set. The Smash Toon Link Amiibo might function similarly to Wind Waker Link, and the Link and Zelda might work similarly to Wind Waker Zelda and Ocarina of Time Link. Ganondorf amiibo could make players take double damage like it did in the Twilight Princess HD release, or up the difficulty in some other way. Perhaps as we get closer to the release date in 2017 Nintendo will give us another update on what else we can expect from amiibo for this title.

You can check out the full blog post from Nintendo recounting amiibo functionality right here. Get an even closer look at some screenshots from Breath of the Wild in addition to each amiibo and what they can reward below!