Ubisoft’s Steep Available Now

Steep, the new open-World extreme sports offering by Ubisoft — and led by Ubisoft’s Annecy development studio — has arrived today, allowing players to explore the in-game setting of the Alps featuring a host of extreme winter sports including snowboarding, skiing and paragliding. Announced at the end of Ubisoft’s E3 conference earlier this year, Steep was unofficially designated the “surprise” of Ubisoft’s presentation — following previous titles like Rainbow Six: Siege & Ghost Recon: Wildlands as the “one more thing” element hoping to attract many intrigued onlookers. Though the game will launch with its base Alps setting, Ubisoft have confirmed that Alaska will serve as a free content update in the near future. It’s unclear whether the inclusion of additional sports and activities — forming part of the game’s Season Pass — will be made available at a later point as well.

Along with the ability to drop in and out of any point of the map, meeting fellow players comes as one of the game’s major selling points with what’s been billed as a seamless online multiplayer experience built into the game. To cap all this off, a replay and editing mode will give players ability to capture and edit their experience and share it online (or keep to one’s self for repeated watches alongside), though to what depth and extent this feature is fleshed out remains to be seen. It’s this along with the game’s myriad of extreme sport activities that will certainly come under scrutiny as we get under way with our review of the game. Check back soon to hear our thoughts. Steep is available across PS4, Xbox One & PC via uPlay.