Creators of Resogun Return with Nex Machina

Developers Housemarque, whose previous project came in the form of Resogun, are back with a new game that while may not be a voxel-based World, certainly shows much the same futuristic vibrancy and…if the trailer’s anything to go by…quite the more upbeat tone. Created in collaboration with Smash TV veteran Eugene Jarvis, Nex Machina is an overhead twin-stick shooter with ample amounts of flair and challenge.

Built around the not-too-crazy premise that humanity has finally gotten so lazy and so indulgent with technology – specifically technology with screens attached – AI, once built to serve humans, are now attempting to wipe out their former masters to claim supremacy in this futuristic though flashy vision of Earth. Judging from the announcement trailer, which you can view below, the game looks to be incorporating elements of bullet hell and slight melee combat on top of its reflex-based shooting. Nex Machina has so far not been given a release date or window, but expect the game to be available for PS4 when it launches some time next year.