Horizon: Zero Dawn Debuts new Footage at PSX 2016

Sony and Guerrilla Games debuted new footage for Horizon: Zero Day at PlayStation Experience 2016.

It really isn’t a PlayStation event without Sony showing off footage from the gorgeous Horizon: Zero Dawn. So, it was not surprise that Sony revealed a brand new trailer for the game on their PSX stage.

The new trailer serves as an insight into the majestic and lethal world. There numerous scenic shots showcasing the environment and the machines that run wild in it. The trailer warns that should you hunt the machines, you will become the hunted. If players want to survive, they’ll need to make the kill. Only then can you unlock the world’s dark secrets.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out February 28, 2017 on PS4. The game will support the PS4 Pro with a 4K option with HDR.