IMT CEO Shares how Huni Signed with SKT

If you follow League of Legends then you already know that the former top laner for Immortals, Huni, has signed with the best team in League of Legends and three time champions SKT.

What you’re probably scratching your head about is how. It’s not that he’s unskilled, but that when you’re the best team in the world and you can sign anyone why would you sign a player that’s hyper aggressive in games like Huni?

Now before he signed to SKT Huni had actually signed a two year contract to stay with IMT according to their CEO Noah Whinston. Three days after that Huni got an offer from SKT to be their starting top laner amid the exodus of Duke and jungler Bengi.

With already having signed a contract IMT had every right to keep Huni there and on their team, but they’re a great organization and released him to follow what is one of his dreams and play for his favorite home town team. Below is IMT’s CEO sharing that story.