Resident Evil 7 Gets a New TAPE-3 Trailer and a New Demo

Okay, it’s not exactly a well-kept secret that several fans have been disappointed with how the later Resident Evil games have been more focused on action instead of horror. But as we’ve seen before, Resident Evil 7 aims to bring back the scares with a more back-to-basics style, and that terror is certainly reflected in the new trailer that was premiered at the PlayStation Experience, as seen below.

Comparisons to Silent Hill 2 are a bit inevitable, with the story apparently involving our protagonist, Ethan, looking for their missing wife that they believed to be dead, with their search leading them to a mysterious place, in this case a seemingly abandoned farmhouse. Of course, it doesn’t take long for a rather insane family to inhabit the place again, and as you can see, they aren’t exactly that subtle about their intentions…Resident Evil 7 is due out on January 24, with a final surprise demo being released tonight for PS4 with VR support, so keep an eye out for it.