SDoF Arena Shooter Starblood Arena Comes to PSVR

PlayStation is getting its own six-degrees-of-freedom (SDoF) shooter early next year with the arrival of Starblood Arena. Developed by Whitemoon Dreams alongside San Diego Studio and presented as a dogfight, arena-style shooter, Starblood Arena pits players against one another in a fully spherical arena comprised of hiding spots and moments to flank one another. Confirmed modes include both Team Deathmatch & Battle Royale. Players can also sign up now for the game by going to the official website here and registering.

For those who prefer to play on one’s own, the game will also provide players with a challenge-based single-player mode. Each ship that players can control comes with its own unique character and as players progress during multiplayer, they can unlock additional cosmetic assets for their ship, though it’s unclear whether any of these items will come in the form of more advanced and/or powerful weaponry to use in additional matches. You can check out the game’s announcement trailer below. Starblood Arena is scheduled for a Spring 2017 release and will be available only¬†on PlayStation VR.