The Last of Us Part II Officially Announced at PSX 2016

This morning’s PSX 2016 brought with it a flurry of new game announcements, but perhaps none was as exciting as how they closed the show. Before taking a bow, Shawn Layden took the stage to tease one final announcement. While some thought it could be a new Sly or Resistance, it turned out to be The Last of Us Part II.

Developed by Naughty Dog, all we saw of the game was of an older Elle playing guitar before Joel walked in and surprised her. It’s not yet known what will happen in the sequel to this award-winning game, but it’s good to know that the game that has been teased so long now is official (and what a great way to tie into the already-leaked concept art of Elle that’s been so broadly circulated).

No release date has been announced.