The Life of an AD Carry

Youtuber Maki has made an incredibly hilarious, and true video of what it’s like to play as an ADC in League of Legends right now. Now, a lot of people don’t believe us when we say things are tough because we aren’t pros, so this video is from the perspective of Sneaky, Doublelift, and PraY.

It’s the preseason and Riot is still working out kinks with the Assassin update and what direction they want to take Season 7, so it’s understandable that things are in weird right now. As an ADC Positioning and Mechanics are the two things you hold dear. Without the former you’re dead far to quickly to do anything and without the later you’re just not helping you team at all in fights.

Right now positioning means nothing as everything in the game is completely OP for you. Most champs can one shot you and mechanics can’t save you unless you have some God level reaction times and can somehow dodge point-and-click abilities.

Here’s a video showing what it’s like to play now-a-days; my favorite is the LeBlanc bit at the end. If you’re sensitive to some F-bombs you might not want to watch.