TowerFall Creator’s Next Game, Celeste, Coming Next Year

Celeste, a 2D 8-bit platformer about a mountain climber, is set for release in mid-2017.

Matt Thorson, the founder of Matt Makes Games and the creator of TowerFall Ascension, announced the date at PlayStation Experience this weekend and gave a first glimpse at what the game will be all about. It’s based on real-life rock climbing, which means there will be cliffs, footholds, and various other dangers that will make the journey to the top a dangerous one.

Celeste will include over 250 stages as you try to reach the summit of the mountain. “The mountain has a lot of history, and so does your character,” Thorson said in his post. “You’ll be battling your inner demons as much as the environment in your fight to reach the summit. There aren’t many people out here, but you can meet a few quirky characters to keep you company if you search them out.”

Thorson is showing Celeste at PlayStation Experience, so be sure to check out our coverage here at Hardcore Gamer.

Source: PlayStation Blog