Detective Pikachu Movie Confirms its Choice of Director

Placing Pokémon’s beloved Pikachu in the role of crime-solving detective is very different for a video game, it is completely bizarre to use it as the basis for a film. However, such a strange idea isn’t slowing down Legendary Entertainment from moving forward with the project as the studio and the Pokémon Company announced Rob Letterman to be director.

Letterman has worked on a variety of films such as Shark Tale and Monsters vs. Aliens, both of which are animated. He also directed Goosebumps which was a live-action production using some CGI elements. Whichever route Detective Pikachu is going down will presumably be a safe choice as Letterman is experienced with both.

We can only hope Detective Pikachu doesn’t turn out to be a failure, though Pokémon-related entertainment has always been a hit. There is currently no word on the film’s storyline and if it will follow events from the video game. At least there are a variety of mysteries in the Pokémon world for this detective to solve.