Screenshot Saturday Featuring Hollow Knight, Time Golf Squad, Many More

Every new week ends with a Screenshot Saturday like an apology for anything that might have happened in the preceding seven days.  New screens, images, videos, gifs, and sometimes even random papercraft show up to display everything that’s been created, or at least the bits of it that can be shown off, and this feature trims the list down to a bit over a dozen plus a bonus image.  It’s a merciless decimation of the full volume of content available but the hashtag is always open to browse through, and it’s highly recommended to take a look.  In the meantime, don’t pass by an image without giving it a chance to animate, because everything is nicer when given a chance to live.

Age of the Wild- RTS set in a world where its wandering beasts don’t seem particularly worried about the continent they’re historically associated with. As a human tribe you get to start off with treehouses but eventually move on to castles, and then get to work de-prettying the environment with constant war.

RotoRing- Not a lot of info on this one but it looks like a ring of lights being interacted with by a dial. It could be anything, really, but it’s definitely bright and colorful.

Time Golf Squad- Take a crew of four unique golfers through time, swinging and putting past dinosaurs, vikings, moon bases, and anywhere else in all the space-time continuum a little white ball can be persuaded to roll over a surface. Time golf: For when you want to explore everywhere/when but don’t want to risk destroying the fabric of reality.

Space Pirate Trainer- Fight off waves of training droids as you learn all the skills necessary to be a space pirate. Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust! Currently on Early Access for Vive, but with pending Rift Touch support too.

Decommissioned- As the last one out the door on the International Space Station it’s your job to shut everything down and drop it into the Indian Ocean. Then everything goes wrong and all of a sudden you’ve got to figure out how to undo the station’s deactivation so you can not plunge to a firey death in the Earth’s atmosphere. No reason not to take a few pictures along the way, though.

Astroneer- Again. Because they keep making really pretty images is why. It’s almost ready for its Early Access debut some time this month, but without a set date then speeding up time doesn’t seem like a good idea. Turning back time, though, if they could find a way…

MoonStrike- 3D RTS designed with VR and motions controllers. Three races aren’t too fond of each other and express their differences with interstellar war. How three alien races evolved on cartoon planets is anyone’s guess, but life will find a way.

Blasting Maniacs- Pure arcade space shooter, now with a big laser. That bit near the end is the ship doing a brief flight above the plane of action, getting out of the way of a stray asteroid. All sound effects imported from the finest of French audio sources.

Unnamed- Get away from the world and survive in a cabin in the woods.  Escape everything and don’t starve, freeze, or succumb to whatever hazards the woods may pose.  One the one hand, failure means death, but on the other you get away from the news for a full season.  Seems a fair trade.

The Lab-  Latest in a string of Pico-8 games.  What does it do?  How does it work?  No idea, but it’s colorful and pixely and, based on prior the developer’s prior work, all will be well.

Kite-  Run through a series of labs while deactivating power supplies so the repair units get un-shielded, allowing you to destroy them and finally take out the critter-generators that keep pumping out more hostile robots.  Rescuing the scientists along the way helps, too.  Plus you get to wield a giant purple energy axe, which is always a plus.  Still waiting on gamepad support, though.

Fugl-  Be a bird and get flying through a blocky voxel world.  It’s a beautiful game and, if you’ve got Test Flight and an iOS device absolutely worth helping with the alpha, but is also coming to PC and VR too.  Sadly, that latter platform isn’t quite so open to testing.

Hollow Knight-  Action platformer where a cute little horned knight explores the interconnected depths of Hallownest to find out why it’s gotten so dangerous down there.  The art style and animation have been wonderful since the start of its successful Kickstarter back in 2014, and it’s only gotten prettier over time.

Bonus Image

Unnamed- Even weird glowing forest spirits sometimes feel the need to dance the days away. Harvest the souls of the dead on weekdays (probably), groove to the beat all weekend long.