Bundle Stars FPS Heroes 2 Bundle Offers Up Incredible Savings

Bundle Stars can usually be counted on to deliver some solid deals – but the second FPS Heroes Bundle is one of their best multi-tiered bundles yet. Tier 1 allows you to pay $2.99 for POSTAL 2, Lovely Planet, Alien Rage – Unlimited, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Nam, Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive, and Super 3-D Noah’s Ark. Spending $4.98 gets you those alongside Betrayer, System Shock 2, Fancy Skulls, Dead Effect, Zeno Clash, Xotic Complete, and Dino D-Day. This bundle isn’t top-to-bottom greatness, but System Shock 2, Lovely Planet, and POSTAL 2 alone are well-worth buying the $4.98 tier for. There is a solid amount of variety on display here as well – so anyone seeking out a few new FPS experiences should give it a shot.