Empoleon Shows Off its Moves in New Pokkén Tournament Trailer

We announced last week that Empoleon was coming soon to Pokkén Tournament arcade games but at the time there weren’t many details on its moves. A new trailer was released showing off footage of its action-packed arsenal.

Empoleon is impressive on the battlefield delivering a variety of typed attacks. It is shown using Ice Beam to freeze opponents to the ground. It looks like Drill Peck makes for a nasty uppercut combo. An Aqua Jet lets it strike quickly when in a pinch. Empoleon’s Burst attack takes enemies deep underwater; as they struggle to swim, Empoleon unleashes a flurry of sharp slices.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason anyone would want to mess with this Pokémon. Empoleon will become playable next week on arcade versions of Pokkén Tournament. Take a look at the trailer below to see it deal some damage.