Four Out of Five Copies of Final Fantasy XV in UK on PS4

Though the series may have debuted all the way back in 1987 (when released in Japan) on the NES, subsequent releases and an ever-growing fanbase has led the Final Fantasy franchise to be synonymous with PlayStation ever since the universally-acclaimed Final Fantasy VII saw the series move away from Nintendo’s console and onto Sony’s own. Well that association seems to have had an impact on sales figures and trends this week with roughly 78% of physical copies in the first week — nearly four out of every five sold in the UK — being the PS4 version as opposed to that for the Xbox One.

It’s not surprising to find PS4 on the receiving end of yet another successful commercial release for a third-party title, despite both Sony and Microsoft’s strong marketing push for their respective consoles, given still the general market share and public consensus between PS4 & Xbox One. But for Final Fantasy XV especially — a game that has, reportedly, already sold through in excess of five million copies — this is but one more small, minor reminder as to the scale and legacy the series has. You can read up on what we thought of a game ten years in the making in our review here.