King of Fighters XIV Gets a Facelift With Update 1.10

The latest in a long line of 2D fighting games, SNK’s The King of Fighters XIV is a good starting point for newcomers to the series and a nice addition for veterans. As far as modern fighters go, however, KoF XIV might not have had the visual flair to stand up there with the like of Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter V. Fortunately, that problem’s getting fixed with the upcoming free version 1.10 update set to land sometime in January. Improved lighting, colors, and self-shadowing are coming along with the update, as well as new color variations for each character. The game looks to be taking on a slightly more cel-shaded look, which is well in keeping with the series’ sprite-based aesthetic.

See the trailer for version 1.10 below. The King of Fighters XIV is out for PlayStation 4.

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