SuperHot Escaping Rift to “Other VR Platforms”

It’s been a good year for SuperHot, first by its release in early February and then with an entirely new second game under ten months later.  SuperHot VR doesn’t release until tomorrow (or rather, a few hours at the time of this writing) but it’s fairly high up the list of anticipated games for the Oculus Move controllers. Its announcement did cause a bit of controversy earlier this year, though, thanks to it originally being described as Oculus-exclusive.  Like a lot of “exclusive” games, though, the definition turns out to be a little less strict than an absolutist reading of the word would indicate.  With the release of the game finally just about here the SuperHot team announced on the Kickstarter page that “Having released SUPERHOT VR for Oculus, we’re now starting to poke around supporting all the other VR systems (wink, WINK). We’ll keep you updated on the progress!”

So what exactly does that mean?  There’s no way to get overly specific but it’s a pretty strong indication that Vive and maybe even PSVR will be getting a version of SuperHot VR as well.  “Exclusive” is actually “timed exclusive”, which seems fair seeing as Oculus footed the bill for the game’s development.  There will be more news and specifics on the other headsets’ versions of SuperHot VR, but for now it’s hopefully enough to know they’re coming.