Arizona Sunshine is Like a State-Sized House of the Undead

Everyone has to be over zombies by now, right?  There really can’t be any games left that treat this tired old monster in a way that makes you want to go up against them again, at least in theory.  Arizona Sunshine dispatches that idea by applying a shotgun shell of VR right into its face, channeling the spirit of House of the Dead in a way that feels both nostalgic and new at the same time.  The entire experience is designed for hand controllers, using them to aim like a lightgun at the zombie horde as you move from one scenario to another.  The game breaks up the single-player campaign into smaller chunks, preserving its arcade roots while also providing the bigger zombie-blasting experience of a larger campaign.  So maybe there’s room for one more round of turning the undead horde into pulpy, meaty chunks of monster goo.