Dragon Blaze Goes into Season 4

Arguably one of the best and most colorful mobile RPGs has just entered its fourth season, and it comes with significant upgrades. For starters, in celebration for reaching level 100 (with the new cap at 102), player characters are now able to awaken into a brand new, beautifully drawn individual. That’s not all as there’s an entirely new skill tree to level up for each of the six different classes. It retains all the passive and active skills you’re used to, but you’re now able to essentially Ultimate one active skill, and there are even Awakened Passive skills that boost your player when using a key.

The biggest inclusion is the ability to Ultimate keys, though. If you were able to Max out Dragon Busters or Dark Souls in the past, you will now be able to upgrade them six more times, boosting their abilities significantly. This is very resource heavy, though, as it will cost two SSS allies as fodder each time, and a total of 19 million gold to get just one key from Max to Ultimate. That’s not mentioning the additional 285 Essence. You’ll definitely have to figure out which keys you should prioritize because it will drain resources very fast.

We also have bigger, more bombastic, and stronger World Bosses. They’re the same Golem, Hydra and Shariet, but with the addition of Ultimate Keys, they have been balanced to take you out far more quickly. Hellfire Golem still debuts on Tuesday, Abyssal Hydra on Thursday and Infernal Shariet on Saturday.

Other than that, the Destruction Dungeon has been removed in favor of adding the jewels and cards in the standard dungeon rewards. This might be a controversial decision for some as, those who grind for hours on end will require to buy two pets in order to automatically get rid of lower ranked items. Regardless, it should ensure gold won’t ever be a problem for those who set their adventuring on auto. Speaking of dungeons, a brand new area has opened up, called Yggdrasil’s Soul, which currently has six dungeons to traverse, but no raid boss. This can be incredibly difficult for those without keys, but that might be for the best.

Dragon Blaze Chapter 4 is available right now for iOS and Android users.