Gigantic Hero Spotlight Shines on the Margrave in a New Trailer

Third-person MOBA Gigantic has generated a bit of buzz by blending the hero shooter with MOBAs and will have its open beta beginning very soon. The developers are celebrating with an all-new trailer on its tank-like Margrave character. He is a brute force fighter and someone you’ll want on your team if you enjoy having a good hulking brute as an ally. He can deal or absorb large amounts of damage, and is a must for those who enjoy short-range characters. His demon fist doesn’t give you much room to work with – making him a great choice for those who are accurate. You can also use his bull-like run to take out a slew of enemies in one go if you so desire.¬†On December 8, the open beta launches for the game on PC and Xbox One – if you’re interested, you can register now on the official website.