Move or Die Coming to Consoles in 2017

Move or Die, the action-packed, couch co-op game from Those Awesome Guys is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will come to the consoles sometime next year, according to an announcement from publisher Reverb Games.

“Not only are we bringing the game with all the updates since the game launched, but we also have new awesome features for the console versions – we definitely plan to test the friendships of console players next year!” said Nicolae Berbece, the founder and lead developer for Those Awesome Guys. Health in Move or Die quickly depletes if you remain still, which pushes players to jump and move around in the cartoony 2D space as they try to take each other out in various ways depending on the game mode.

Check out gameplay of the zany arena game down below to see what it’s all about:

Move or Die is available on Steam right now for $14.99.