Only Two Days Left to Kickstart Space Jammers

While Kickstarter has been pretty quiet recently there are still a few things worth looking at in its games section.  One of the more fun projects to show up recently was Space Jammers, a twin-stick sci-fi roguelike shooter with support for up to four players simultaneous blasting everything their guns can put a bullet through.  The game isn’t overly complicated but sometimes it’s great to kick back with friends and unleash laser-death on a level or two, and Space Jammers gets the feel just right.  Pick a space-pirate kitty, each with its own unique ability, and rip through the levels while gaining enough coins to unlock the boss.  Don’t die and you level up, get killed and say goodbye to all those hard-earned perks.  The demo has two levels that repeat endlessly, freely available at, and it’s worth grabbing for a quick look.  As for the Kickstarter, it could use some attention too, seeing as it’s got a day and a half left and $3,200 to go at the time of this writing.  Space Jammers is still coming out even if the Kickstarter doesn’t work as hoped, but the campaign’s success means it comes out better than it would otherwise.  Head on over and take a look, because the campaign deserves a bit more attention than it’s gotten so far.