Seamus Blackley Wants to Bring Back the Duke

The original Xbox controller was a behemoth.  You could play a game while providing ample shelter for a family of four in its massive plastic housing, and in fact it’s impossible to write about the controller without making some kind of joke regarding its size.  The Duke didn’t have its own gravity well, couldn’t actually serve as life raft on the Titanic, and it seems unlikely that it’s ever crushed skulls when used as a flail-type weapon, but all these seem like possibilities when holding it.  How the original Xbox came with a controller like this is still a mystery, but it only took two years to be replaced by the Controller S, which was basically the same size as the one still in use today.  The Duke (which was a nickname the controller picked up along the way, rather than anything Microsoft called it) did have its fans, though, and there’s a good amount of nostalgia associated with it as well.

Now one of the initial architects of the Xbox hardware is wanting to revive a little piece of the past in the form of the giant original controller, updating it for the Xbox One.  Looking at the picture in the tweet of two hands holding it, one is left wondering where on earth the shoulder buttons would end up, but that’s a job for engineering.  God only knows there’s enough room underneath that beast to fit a pair of bumpers somewhere.