Butcher Adds Free WIMP DLC

In the recent past a game that could be described as 1993’s Doom as an 8-bit platformer blasted its way into the world of PC gaming. This game was called Butcher, and the tagline was the easiest mode is hard. This game definitely lives up to its slogan, the difficulty is brutally unforgiving and I lost track of how many times I died during the review process. I remember playing this game at PAX at stating the obvious fact to the developer that I suck at this game, and his response was everyone sucks at Butcher. Today the developers have show they have a benevolent side and have taken mercy on fans of Butcher, by releasing the WIMP DLC for the low low cost of free. Instead of being subjected to the constant humiliation of not being able to make any progress in the game, the player will instead be subject to the humiliation of having to access to an easy mode in order to progress through the game. Butcher is quite a bit of fun for fans of difficult old school games, and the trailer is one of the better game trailers I have seen.