Conan Exiles Dev Blog Documents First Steps in Hyboria

If you recently saw the announcement trailer for Conan Exiles and got excited to explore your own Hyborian Adventure then you’ll be happy to hear what those first steps will look like as a new developer blog tells just that. Yesterday the team over at Funcom detailed character creation and what the first few days will look like in their upcoming open-world survival game.

You’ll start out as a cast away exiled for crimes you may or may not have committed. Your avatar will be displayed on a cross and from there you’ll tweak features from a wide range of skin colors and ethnicities until you find a look suitable look. All of this is done while your character hangs on a cross and once you decide aesthetics you’ll be assigned your crimes.

From there you’ll be set free to wander the Exiled Lands in search of food, water and shelter. Check out the screens below to see what some of this will look like and get ready for January 2017 when Conan Exiles hits early access for PC on Steam.