Dataminers Uncover P.T. Assets, Character Model Shenanigans Ensue

You could argue that P.T. has already ascended past its short-but-sweet period of life via the multitude of upcoming first-person horror titles by several independent studios — some of which even setting similarly within the confines of a house or place of residence — but it looks as if dataminers have managed to uncover a couple of hidden assets not used in the infamous demo for the then-ongoing Silent Hills project. One of which features a one-legged, headless creature of sorts (below).

PT Datamined Creature

But that, fortunately, wasn’t the end of that as the models of both characters featured within the demo — that of Norman Reedus’ unnamed protagonist revealed during the demo’s closing moments as well as the mysterious woman who pops up at random half-way through playing…not to mention the crying foetus — were also extracted, leaving users to (as is tradition in the modding community) to replace the models in another certain Kojima-fronted, namely Metal Gear Solid V. With bizarre results to say the least.

One user on YouTube, by the name of Lakitouille, manages to replace the characters of Snake & Quiet in one of the game’s cutscenes to feature Reedus and the woman in what some may describe as a Secret theater-style moment of madness. It may not be on the levels of random hilarity that Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence’s secret theater brought, but it’s proof that even with its removal from PSN, P.T has retained its dedicated base of enthusiasts. Below is another example, by user Solidcal Modding, featuring a dancing (and slightly awkward-looking) Reedus with none other than Hideo Kojima himself using the same scene from the game. All I can say is: did you like it?