From Software Reportedly Looking into Dark Souls on Switch

With developers either confirming or otherwise hinting at future projects coming to Nintendo’s hybrid-console the Switch in the foreseeable future, From Software have — according to reports via LPVG — already begun testing the performance of Dark Souls 3 on Switch’s kit with the team inside From claiming that the game runs “with satisfactory performance”. What “satisfactory” may be referring to in terms of resolution and frame-rate is unclear, but it’s important to note that performance is something the acclaimed RPG has not gotten always right. The original Dark Souls for example was known for seeing its frame-rate drop significantly in certain areas.

Rumours also suggest that the developer may even consider a re-release of the entire Dark Souls trilogy, complete with all DLC, around the same time a “Game of the Year” edition of Dark Souls 3 hits other consoles. But this may only happen if initial sales of the Switch during the launch period are significant enough. The Dark Souls series has never been on a Nintendo system before, but the idea of a Souls game with portability certainly sounds¬†enticing.