Holiday Updates Hit Atlas Reactor

Santa Claus, Krampus, Mr. Hankey, or whoever else brings presents around the winter solstice visited Atlas Reactor early this year. These goodies include a new Extraction mode, a new Freelancer named Phaedra, and a myriad of other winter themed items. Hardcore Gamer gave Atlas Reactor a favorable review, and a more detailed rundown of these bonus items directly from Trion Worlds can be read below. 
“Atlas ReactorTrion Worlds’ simultaneous turn-based battle arena game, is celebrating this month’s festivities with a free Winter-themed update, adding the brand-new playable Freelancer, Phaedra, an imposing frontliner. Accustomed to hunting her prey in the labyrinth-like Depths, Phaedra has the unique ability to burst through walls to surprise her enemies. The update also offers a sneak preview of a brand-new mode, Extraction, spurring up some friendly competition just in time for the holidays.

Inspired by The Case, Extraction mode features two teams competing to capture a mysterious  briefcase. Pick up and control the case to achieve victory, but beware – holding the case will reveal you to enemies as well!
Snowmageddon: Players will also notice several in-game updates featuring holiday-themed content, with a snow-covered, holiday-themed Cloudspire map and 25 new, winter-themed skins for various Freelancers including Ice Princess Aurora, Sleigh Gremolitions, Jack Frost Helio, Snowman Nix, Santa Su Ren and more.
Screenshots of the new Freelancer Phaedra, Extraction Mode, and winter-themed skins and content can be downloaded here.

Described by Polygon as “Dota meets XCOM,” Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team combat, combining competitive, fast-paced turn-based action with simultaneous turns in high-risk battles. Players must outsmart and outgun their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team and lock in their moves, then see the action play out all at the same time. By working together as a team and predicting your opponent’s decisions, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the opposition and achieve victory.”