Pokémon GO to Receive More Pokémon, Details Coming Next Week

Rumors have been circulating the web for some time now, even back when Pokémon GO was at the height of its popularity. Fans have kept asking when will new Pokémon be made available to catch but there has been no answers, until now!

In a Facebook post, Pokémon announced more Pokémon will be coming to the game. Now, let’s try not to get ahead of ourselves and say Johto Pokémon like Umbreon, Pupitar, Murkrow and Sunflora are on the way. All it says is more Pokémon, not new Pokémon. But what else could that mean unless they plan on dumping a whole bunch of Pidgeys into your backyard?

We’re confident this means over 100 new Pokémon species will be making their way to the mobile game. On December 12 an announcement will be made regarding this update. Be sure to check back for more information!

More Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO! Stay tuned for details on December 12, Trainers!

Posted by Pokémon on Wednesday, December 7, 2016