Pokémon Movie and Series Collection Available to Own

If you are still in search of the perfect holiday gift for Pokémaniacs, check out the most recent videos coming to stores near you. The Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Movie Pack along with Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest DVD Set 2 release just in time for the holidays.

The Diamond & Pearl movie pack comes as a bundle of four feature length films stored in a collectible steelbook case. You will get to watch Ash, Pikachu and friends as they encounter mythical Pokémon such as Darkrai, Arceus and Shaymin. They only come on Blu-ray disc and are available to own right now.

Then, catch up on some of the latest anime episodes with the Kalos Quest DVDs. This set follows Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie as they continue exploring the Kalos region. Showdowns with rivals, meeting legendary Pokémon and exciting battles all take place! This product features over twenty episodes on three discs and will be available starting December 13.

Pokémon movies, games, cards and more all make for excellent gifts. Be sure to make it a merry Poké celebration this holiday season.