Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler Divide Sneaks onto PS4 Next Month

New indie team Exploding Tuba Studios is looking to aim high with its first title, a futuristic story-focused game by the name of Divide.

Announced earlier this year after a four year development cycle, Divide is the hard work of a small team of developers out in California; nine people, to be precise. The game stars David, a father who has been separated from his family and is forced to explore and fight his way back to them. In a post elaborating on the game, Exploding Tuba is hoping to create a sense of loneliness within the player, with inspiration from games like Syndicate and Shadowrun to affect both the gameplay and story. The trailer below attempts to capture that spirit, while showing off a sci-fi world full of danger and intrigue.

Divide will finally see the light of day on January 31, exclusively on PS4.