Slayaway Camps Shifts from Halloween to Silent Night, Deadly Night With Festive DLC

Slayaway Camp came out this Halloween and let you fill the psychotic shoes of a movie slasher, dismembering your way across a huge number of block-sliding puzzles.  Halloween and Christmas have always had an uneasy relationship, like two dissimilar people who tolerate each other because they can’t escape being related and if they fight too much Thanksgiving gets all sulky.  Christmas has inserted a little gift-giving into Halloween in the form of candy, but Halloween has never quite managed to get much horror into Christmas, although not for lack of trying.  Now it’s Slayaway Camp’s turn to be festively murderous, thanks to a new collection of levels that bring out the spirit of the season by violently freeing it from its corporeal form.  The Santa’s Slay update adds 25 new levels, 13 of which are regular, four that unlock on beating the chapter, and eight more that become available once you’ve cleared the standard game.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the clever puzzles and cartoon gore of Slayaway Camp in my October review so getting to solve a new pile of holiday challenges is a festively brutal slice of Christmas cheer.