Balthazar’s Dream Gets Greenlit

Balthazar’s Dream, an upcoming title from Poland’s Psilocybe Games has been Greenlit by the Steam Community. Balthazar’s Dream is a puzzle platformer set to the emotional tale of Dustin receiving a puppy (Balthazar) for his eighth birthday. The two naturally become best friends until Dustin is hit by van and is knocked into a coma. Balthazar, faithful pooch that he is, stays with Dustin in the hospital waiting for him to wake up and making sure he is safe. Balthazar has many bizarre dreams where he detects two entities: one is Dustin, the other is unknown but more sinister and menacing. The gameplay allows the player to take control of Balthazar as he traverses the fantastic environments of the dreamscape, guided by his canine instinct and love for his eight year old master.