Compulsion Games Detail Clockwork Update for We Happy Few

Since it entered Early Access in late July this year, We Happy Few — after causing quite a stir at E3 when it was part of Microsoft’s E3 conference — has gone fairly silent following a [putting it mildly] mixed reaction from players and critics alike. Well today, developer Compulsion Games have revealed the first major addition and update to the game. Dubbed the “Clockwork Update”, We Happy Few will be getting story additions as well as tweaks to both visuals and mechanics found in the first version released. The developers note however that players will need to start a new game in order to have the update working as it is currently incompatible with older builds of the game.

To be more specific with what’s included in the update, an extra section following the prologue of the game will move to help tie up questions and missing gaps regarding the early story. Other additions include an increase in visual fidelity and on-screen presentation with in-game settings as well, a new cutscene mode that — by locking on-screen action when involved in a conversation with NPC’s — will prevent external factors such as other NPC’s and even the player themselves from disrupting potential quest logs and objectives as well as adding a few contextual animations to objects.

While it may not be the final build, it’s promising to see Compulsion Games finally showing signs of refining and pushing the game towards a full release. We Happy Few is currently available via Steam as Early Access and Xbox One through Xbox Game Preview. Compulsion Games have released a video that walks through the update that you can view below.