Gigantic Founder’s Pack Now Available

Well, today’s the day. After a multitude of delays and fine tuning, the Open Beta for Motiga’s Gigantic is now available. Seriously, anyone with an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC should give it a download. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s a unique take on competitive character based action. What’s more, publisher Perfect World Entertainment has announced a Founder’s Pack for the game. Selling for $40, it will include:

·         16 Original Heroes

·         4 New Heroes (Released at a later date)

·         2 Limited-Edition “Imperial” Skins for Tyto the Swift and Charnok

·         2 Exclusive Founder’s Profile Icons

This is actually a pretty cool move in my book. Other free to play games would focus on nickel-and-diming the player through microtransactions. This title could do that, but it is also offering the option to effectively purchase the game outright for a reasonable price. Getting access to all sixteen currently available heroes with the promise of additional ones when they are released removes the pressing feeling that maybe I purchased the wrong character. The extra skins and icons are just a small bonus in my book. So, give it a whirl. If it is enjoyed, know that the character purchasing stuff can be bypassed.