HEX: Shards of Fate – Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter II Now Available

Chronicles of Entrath, the aquatic PvE expansion to the digital collectible card game HEX: Shards of Fate has its second chapter now available. Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter II, with several newly added features. These include a Ranger class that blends melee and ranged combat along with pets who support them with powerful abilities, as well as the ability to swap out their hero cards for mercenaries with fixed stats and abilities, mercenaries will be able to be traded like regular items and equipment which does sound a little dehumanizing. Naval missions will be added to the campaign and each ship will feature its own talent tree and abilities as it sails across the Alachian Sea. The level class is increased to 15, which unlocks new talents for the existing Mage, Warrior and Cleric classes.