Quixel Shows Off Homebound In Teaser Trailer

Sometimes I come across a game that takes an idea that was done well before and looks to improve upon it in every way. That appears to be the case in Quixel’s just announced VR title, Homebound. Like Adr1ft before it, this game casts the player trying to survive in space as every system designed to keep the astronaut safe turns to crap in spectacular fashion. The trailer, seen below, features harrowing explosions, atmospheric reentry, and situations that should tax the player’s wit as they struggle to survive.

Considering that the studio, Quixel, has worked on this year’s The Jungle Book remake, as well as contributed to the likes of Battlefield, Halo, Dark Souls, Destiny, and Starcraft as well as working with NASA, Telsa, and ILM, there is ample cause to expect greatness from this title. While I am growing weary of retreads of ideas already done on VR, Homebound teases a different type of experience, and one that I truly look forward to taking for a spin.