The Other 99 Receives Major Update

Though it may still be currently in Early Access, developer Burning Arrow have released information as to the latest update to their twist on the first-person survival genre with The Other 99. Along with visual improvements to exploration locales found across the in-game island and setting, both AI and combat have been significantly improved. Other “players” will now offer a wider variety of interactions as opposed to the default and antagonistic mindset of simply attacking you on sight — some even cowering while others will try a more tactical approach should they decide they want to kill you.

Combat too has also been refined, including polished animations and even the abilities for enemies to strafe and dodge incoming attacks, as well as keeping track of your movements should you yourself try and run away and retreat from the fight. It’s a step in the right direction for a title that we previewed earlier in the year, a game that despite its bugs and clear sign of in-progress development, certainly showed promise in shaking up the saturated survival genre market. The Other 99 is currently available via Early Access on Steam.