Immortals Bolster Lineup with the Addition of Flame, Cody Sun and Dardoch

Immortals have had a rough off-season with their League of Legends team as the group that dominated for two regular season splits has parted ways.

Now the organization has to field a completely new team minus their rock in the mid lane, Pobelter. Pobelter was the only player of the starters to re-sign and is locked into a two year contract. The only other player that signed a deal was Huni, but he was let to to pursue his dream of playing for SK Telecom T1.

After that there was a lull, but the team has officially signed and announced Cody Sun, Dardoch and Flame as the newest members of the IMT team. They’ve yet to finish up their lineup with a support, but they’ve got some time to find one.

You can check out the roster they’ve built so far with player videos here.