Misfits Announce PowerOfEvil

Misfits has announced PowerOfEvil as their starting mid laner for the upcoming EU LCS split pending Riot approval.

Misfits is the sister team of the once NALCS team Renegades and battled through the EU Challenger Scene to qualify for the EU LCS this split. Despite having an already strong team and making it into the LCS with what seemed like relative ease Misfits were shopping around to make their team better and former mid laner Selfie was not re-signed. After announcing his free agency Misfits announced PowerOfEvil as their starter four days later.

POE was formerly the starting mid laner for Unicorns of Love and then moved to Origen after losing to them and failing to qualify for Worlds in 2015. With Origen he manage to qualify for Worlds though the team had an EU as a whole had a rough showing. Of them, G2, and H2K only H2K managed to make it out of groups and perform well.