Osiris: New Dawn Content Update Details Unveiled

Osiris: New Dawn’s first major content update is scheduled to hit Steam on December 15, this update titled Dawn of Aziel will introduce a myriad of new features and items including craftable melee weapons, the heavy assault rifle, placeable landmines, new outdoor utilities (the ChemStation and 3D Printer), solar panel arrays, the long-awaited Mech, and the new frozen world Aziel. Additionally, a new skill and proficiency system will be introduced in Osiris: New Dawn allowing players that level up their astronaut characters to spend points specializing in skills to suit specific play styles. Azurnium, one of the rarest mineral resources on Proteus 2, will also be available in this update, as well as the ability to mine nearby asteroids in space. Learn more about Osiris: New Dawn in our preview.