Saint is the King of the Iron Fist 2016 Grand Champion`

After winning EVO Saint has added the King of the Iron Fist trophy to his collection.

Things got a little hairy for Saint, but he managed to make his way from the loser’s bracket and take home the title after defeating Chanel in the Grand Final.

Earlier in the tournament Saint wanted the controller he was using to be changed, but the officials refused to change it. It was an odd moment and we’re not sure why, but it resulted in Saint’s first loss.

That put Saint in the Loser’s bracket along with his fellow countryman and amazing player, Knee. Knee however was taken out by the up and coming PBE AK who’s only 16, but was dominating fights. To close out the losers side Saint took on PBE AK in an amazing match that went the distance.

Luckily after the first controller issue that situation didn’t come back to haunt Saint and the tournament as he went on to defeat Chanel in the Grand Finals. If you get a chance to watch the VODs this tournament was packed with amazing fights.