Screenshot Saturday Featuring Gunnihilation, Lichtspeer, Many Others

Screenshot Saturday comes once a week, which is probably for the best seeing as it would get exhausting any more frequently.  The amount of New can be overwhelming, but so much of it is so great to see that it’s hard to complain.  This feature trims the list down to a dozen or so images, maybe more if I lose track and just keep adding things on, but it’s always worth heading straight to the Twitter hashtag and paging down as far as your browser can go before it bogs down.  As always, despite the word “screenshot” being prominent in the title, most developers toss up animations of some sort, so don’t neglect clicking on all those blue arrows to give everything a fair chance to be awesome at you.

Sparklite- An engineer goes adventuring across a lovely pixel-art world, scavenging whatever she can find to build new tools and weapons. It’s a little bit Zelda, a little bit roguelike, and a fair amount of pretty.

Gunnihilation- Side-scrolling run & gun with a fondness for lots and lots of bullets. Despite the small player size looking like it would leave plenty of room for maneuvering, the screen gets packed with enough enemies and firepower to end up feeling pretty cramped when the action kicks off.

A Mortician’s Tale- This is what happens when things go wrong in Trauma Center. Embalm the body and run the funeral, taking care of the mourners as best you can. It’s a narrative-driven game about running a business, except the business is death and the customers are the people who have been left behind.

Blazing Legion- Whatever is at the end of this launch corridor is going to have one hell of a job living up to the expectations set by flying down its pulsing lights past the sparking electric arcs at the end.

Volts & Bolts- Team-based bright and colorful combat game. Choose a vehicle and a side and shoot your way to victory, exploring the terrain for powerups on the way to conquering the enemy base. The brutality of all-out war is perfectly conveyed by the cute and upbeat low-poly style.

Boiling Bolt- A vicious bolt of energy carves out its space in a way that makes very clear that anything inside it won’t be for long. Boiling Bolt is a free-roaming side-scrolling twin-stick shooter using 3D art on a 2D plane, where a heavily-armed ship soon realizes that it needs more than an incredible armament against a screen packed with bullets.

Explottens- Fast-paced 2D shooter where heavily-armed kittens wreak laser-havoc through the skies. The little furballs may be cute but even their medics are armed with healing lasers applied with attitude.

Tiny Metal- Spiritual successor to Advance Wars, where armies fight in turn-based battles and a little overconfidence is just the right thing to make a good situation go bad.

Lichtspeer- Armed only with a spear of light, take on a variety of weird future-mythological Germanic creatures and enemies. Win and get covered in glory, lose and be eviscerated by a worryingly cheerful and enthusiastic flurry of sword strikes.

Unnamed- Virtual sledding game of some sort. The secret to landing these jumps is to reposition yourself in mid-air so that you land on your feet, then quickly collapse back to your butt. It’ll save your tailbone a world of pain.

Unnamed- neat little shooter prototype that keeps the ship mostly upright while the world rotates around it. It’s gonna take you right in to the Danger Zone. *Guitar riff, Archer cameo*

Snailstorm-  Don’t just be a snail, be the deadliest snail imaginable in an action-platformer that’s all about keeping the combo alive.  Shoot, jump, slide, run (slime along at full speed?) and keep moving to max out the score multiplier, and always recognize that too many enemies on screen at once is a fantastic opportunity rather than a problem.

Cubisaurus Rex-  Evolve or die through the generations using a generous idea of how cross-species genetic sharing works.  As you explore and survive in the wilderness you’ll find a need for new abilities to get through the dangers of the wild, pure, simple life.  Mate with different species to gain their traits for your offspring, choosing to evolve based whatever strategy suits your goal.  It’s about time Cubivore got an update.

Fresco-  Use painting to change the world, projecting their images onto the flat wall and altering the environment.  2D becomes 3D and vice versa, and solving its puzzles is down to perspective and the power of seeing things just right.

Bonus Image:

Unnamed- As the general surveys the troops before battle, pay close attention to his steed.  The subtle movements of the horse’s eyes illustrate perfectly how the amazing beasts maintain their advanced sense of spatial awareness.