WWE 2K17 New Moves Pack Now Available

One of the biggest reasons to get the season pass for 2K’s WWE offerings are all the new moves. While each new roster member usually gets a few, the larger new moves packs give you dozens of new attacks to add to either the existing roster or make created characters that much better. Today, the New Moves Pack has gone live for WWE 2K17 and every new move in it has been shown off in a new video.

A lot of the new double team moves are incredible – with Team DIY’s superkick/knee smash looking fantastic, and the Super High Flyers of Matt Bourne and Ricochet being represented with a fist drop and shooting star press combination. NXT’s TM61, the former TMDK of Pro Wrestling NOAH have their Thunder Valley finisher in a game for the first time. The old double wishbone is here too, as is Kazuchika Okada’s Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker. A pair of new ankle locks make Kurt Angle and Ken Shamrock creations slightly better, while Drew Galloway’s Iron Maiden crossface is in and looks perfect.

TNA Wrestling gets a bit of a shoutout as Eli Drake’s Blunt Force Trauma knee strike and lariat combo are in, while Team DIY’s Ciampa’s bridging Fujiwara armbar is featured as well. Ring of Honor and New Japan’s Michael Elgin’s deadlift falcon arrow makes its debut, as does a diving pinning codebreaker and Ryder’s flying elbro drop that also works nicely for Okada. Former NXT and current TNA wrestler James Storm’s Eight Second Ride is in, while New Japan’s own Kenny Omega has his One Winged Angel in a game for the first time.

A new European uppercut series is in for Cesaro, while Jeff Cobb/Matanza’s moonsault fallaway slaw is in. Those looking to recreate Omega’s hadoken can do so with the new fireball punch. TNA gets another plug with Robbie E’s boom drop, while Lucha Underground’s Cage’s Weapon X is in. The legendary Kenta Kobashi’s machine gun corner chops allow fans of Japanese pro wrestling to have more epic matches – and make use of Samoa Joe being in the game to recreate their legendary 2005 match. A wide variety of TJ Perkins’ moves are in alongside his taunts – so creations for him will now feel a lot more authentic. This content is available for use on every console – and owners of the season pass can access it for free.