20th Pokémon Movie Receives First Teaser

The Pokémon franchise has been a celebrated and beloved video game, card game, and anime series all wrapped into one. As it is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, the big announcements don’t stop with the latest games– Sun and Moon. The very first teaser trailer for the 20th full-length film has just been released.

There isn’t much to see in the actual footage but a fully high definition version of what seems to be Pallet Town. Ash Ketchum is getting ready for his journey as he adjusts his hat and grabs a Poké Ball. Then, we get to see Pikachu after the title of the movie is revealed to be named after the very first episode, Pokémon, I Choose You.

However, there is a bit more to see when checking out the official website. There we see a scratched up Ash and Pikachu as they gaze toward the glowing sky caused by the legendary Ho-oh passing overhead. This is the exact same way the first episode ended those it wasn’t clear at the time what Ho-oh actually was. We can assume at this moment the new movie will feature the legend in some capacity.

Check out the teaser trailer below and look forward to more information in the future. The Pokémon movie is set to release in July so there is still a plenty of time in between.