New For Honor Trailers Unveiled

As the release date of For Honor draws closer more information about the game is becoming available as the work in progress builds are looking more and more like the final product. Hardcore Gamer has been following For Honor for quite a while, striving to provide our readers with the most current information we have about the upcoming title. Various previews can provide some static screenshots and describe some of what one can expect, but there’s nothing like a cinematic trailer that shows the carnage in action. The story trailer released today hints at the plot of the single player campaign, and provides some cutscenes and gameplay footage.

In addition to the story, each of the three new Heroes announced have received their own trailers. The preview published earlier today discussed the Shugoki, Peacekeeper, and Warlord, and now these trailers will allow those interested to see these Heroes, each with very different play styles in action. My fiancee has already accepted the fact that this Valentine’s Day we will be having a romantic dinner of frozen pizza while we try to stop the beating hearts of the digital warriors we will be controlling. For those wanting to get in on the action before the release date, there will be a closed beta in January and anyone interested can register here.