Quote Wants You to Help Set Its First Draft Ablaze

Typically, one may not be looking forward to a world ruled by ignorance in 2017. But then again, most people aren’t the London-based developers Vindit, who are quite excited about their upcoming action RPG Quote, which features such a world to explore, and is one that made quite the first impression. So excited are they, in fact, that they’ll be releasing a “First Draft” alpha edition of Quote available for purchase from December 14 to December 16, allowing players to check out the surreal book-burning universe earlier than expected.

The First Draft showcases the initial two chapters of the game, and will eventually provide players with the full game as it progresses, providing initial keys via itch.io and Steam keys when the game enters Early Access in the first quarter of 2017. In addition, early adopters who purchase the First Draft edition will receive the game at fifty percent off, purchasing it for £10/ €12, and will have access to exclusive content and private feedback forums. The goal is to hopefully establish an active community for the game, which will grow as time progresses. You should be able to purchase the first draft edition on the game’s site beginning today at 7 AM EST until December 16 at 7 AM EST, so you if you’re into witty, weird, and unique RPGs, make sure to check it out.