The Last of Us Part II Trailer Leads to ‘Through the Valley’ Topping Spotify Charts

Shawn James’s “Through the Valley” was used in the reveal trailer for The Last of Us Part II, and it led to the song achieving new heights. After the release of the trailer,  “Through the Valley” topped the charts on Spotify and led to YouTube views for the song skyrocketing. The song’s lyrics talking about killing enemies when they come, along with its dark tone, fit The Last of Us perfectly and it’s a bit surprising that it wasn’t used for the first game.

Fortunately, the timing worked out for everyone involved – as the game now has an iconic song for it and Shawn James has a song with a much longer shelf life than previously anticipated. It’s a soulful song that led to a bit of a bond being forged between Naughty Dog and Shawn James, leading to him showing his gratitude for the game and its fanbase for allowing the song to reach new heights.

Check out a live performance of “Through the Valley” in the video below.